Interior Wood

From furniture to floors, skirting boards to doors, natural wood has always had a place in our homes. In the past however, interior wood was often painted with white gloss paint, or coated with ghastly orange varnish that resembled the coating of a toffee apple. How tastes have changed.

Today, wooden fixtures are increasingly treated as features of the home, and something to be shown off rather than hidden away. Original Victorian Pine floors are being uncovered and restored, whilst painted furniture, doors, and staircases, are being stripped to reveal their original timber character.

Restoring Interior wood features

Restoring interior wooden features can be enormously satisfying, and the end results, truly stunning.¬† With the exception of wooden floors, where the services of a professional floor sander, or at least the hire of a commercial floor sander is required, most other wood restoration projects including wooden doors, furniture, kitchen worktops, and more, can be done by most novice DIY’ers. All that is required is a little time, the correct means to strip the old finish, and the right products to refinish the wood to achieve the desired appearance.

To help you with your home restoration projects, we have some great information on how best to restore, rejuvenate and transform interior wood from the ordinary to something altogether more interesting and attention worthy.

Common interior wood restoration projects

There are literally dozens of wood restoration projects that can be done around most homes but here  are some of the more common projects.

  • Interior Doors
  • Wood floors
  • Staircases
  • Wooden Kitchen Worktops
  • Wooden Furniture

With the right approach, natural wood that has perhaps been neglected or covered up can be rejuvenated and restored fairly easily. Our aim is to provide the information needed, so that you can make this transformation yourself.